A Little Bit About Me!

Hello friends! My name is Natalie, welcome to my blog! I am so excited to start my first blog to introduce myself to a new audience. I have never done this before, and I am ready to share a little about me and my interests.

For starters, I grew up in a large suburban area near Baltimore, Maryland and boy does Buckhannon, West Virginia differ from home! To be COMPLETELY honest, at first I was unsure whether or not I would enjoy it here at Wesleyan, mostly because of the lack of food chains that are dear to my heart (Chick-Fil-A, Chipotle of course), the small town feel, and being four and a half hours away from my family. However, that shortly changed after the first semester of my freshman year. I fell in love with Wesleyan, the small town, and the people around Buckhannon. I also made lots of new friends and people I consider my family (my boyfriend especially). I am on the lacrosse team here at Wesleyan and have loved every minute of it. While being an athlete can be extremely difficult and time consuming, I have found that it keeps me busy and with the people I love the most. Last year I was chosen as one of the captains for my lacrosse team and I was ecstatic. Being a captain has really shown me responsibility, how to be a positive thinker, how to recognize others for their good work, and how to mentor my teammates and create relationships. I wanted to share about me being named captain because it showed me some attributes I will need for my work field.

Here at Wesleyan, I am majoring in Business Administration. At first I chose Business Administration because it is a broad major and has many benefits. However, recently I have seen myself more interested into the marketing side of business (specifically marketing management). I love the thought of being a part of a business and potentially making it better by helping market their qualities, overseeing workers to maximize profit in a company, and having fun while doing so! I have chosen to take this sports marketing elective course, because I figured I could put two things together that I love; Sports and Marketing all in one! I can’t wait to share more about myself and my interests on my new blog, and hope you’ve all enjoyed reading about me! I hope you all keep up with my blogs while I keep up with yours! 😉